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  • Ultra Pro Expansion Vessel 24Litres


    Ref: ZI-332551

    172.88 ex VAT

    Delivery information

    • Estimated delivery time: working days
    • Shipping charges: Prices include a delivery cost of 62.40 (52.00 ex VAT). Collection available, call for details.

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    High Quality

    Our water tanks are manfactured to our high standard of quality.

    UK Delivery

    High demand has resulted in extended lead times for many of our products. We are manufacturing as fast as we can, but please call for more information.


    International delivery is available. Please call for details.

    - Capacities from 24 litres to 1000 litres
    - Stainless steel flange
    - Working temperature -10ºC to 99ºC
    - Working pressure 10 bar, testing pressure 15 bar, except for the 1000 litre which has a working pressure of 8 bar
    - Pre-charge pressure 1.5 bar

    Water Tank Specification
    Capacity Litr 24
    Vertical / Horizontal Horizontal
    Diameter 270mm
    Height 480mm
    Connection ¾

    Water Regulations Advisory Scheme