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  • 180 Litre Conical Bottom Tank

    Conical Bottom Tank (180litres)


    Conical Bottom Tank (180litres) Ref: biocon180
    About the 180 litre conical bottom tank

    Constructed from MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene) this conical bottom tank is ideal for storing chemcials, filtering water or making Biofuel.

    Water Tank Details
    Height 770mm
    Height on stand 795mm
    Vessal Diameter internal 660mm
    Lid Diameter 750mm
    Capacity 180 Litres
    In-let From top 100mm (centre)
    OutletFrom top 345mm (centre)
    Bottom drain off 55mm (Ext diametre)
    Tank Weight 10kg
    Base Weight 2.5kg


    Product Description

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    Ref: biocon180 - Conical Bottom Tank (180litres)

    Optional Stand

    • Without Stand   
    • With Stand - 22.50