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  • Gutter Mate Filter - Diverter


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    Simple Efficient Rainwater Saving with Gutter Mate

    All the components provided are labeled in the diagram below
    .Gutter Mate Rainwater Saver and Diverter

    Gutter Filter and water saver. The product is made from Polypropylene and is available in Black or White to suit the colour of your drainpipe.

    The product is supplied with the fixing screws and mounting bracket. There are 6 parts to the filter which are a slide fit into each other.

    The filter basket has 2 positions to allow the water to go down the drain or to be diverted into a rain water tub.

    There is an adaptor to allow the filter to be fitted to square drainpipes.

    This filter goes a long way to solving an age old problem associated with guttering and drainpipe systems on buildings.

    The biggest problem with guttering is it gets filled with leaves, stones, sand and moss. The result can be blockages or over flowing of the gutters. This in turn can lead to damp penetrating the wall of your building or damp getting to the roof joists.

    Gutter blockage can lead to extremely expensive repairs to your property.

    The other problem associated with blocked guttering and drainpipes is the inherent danger of inspecting and cleaning them.


    Rain Water Saving

    When saving rainwater or Rain Water harvesting there are a number of things to take into consideration.

    Guttermate filter basket


    Saving rainwater is either done using a water butt or as some people do, using larger tankage.

    If rain water saving is undertaken on a domestic scale then there will be required some form of rain water diverter to get the rainwater from the downpipe (drainpipe) into the water butt or tankage.

    The standard Rainwater diverters are compromised by the fact they do not filter the rainwater before it goes to storage, this creates the following problems.

    Debris can get into the water butt /storage tank and eventually will rot and cause unacceptable smells.

    This in turn creates a maintenance problem in having to clean out the tank and also if not cleaned out regularly, the debris can block the outlet from the water butt.

    Cleaning a standard rain water diverter requires the removal of the top piece of downpipe, to allow the removal of the diverter.


    We have a solution for the above issues, we produce the Guttermate Rain Water Filter and Diverter. All the rain water going down the down pipe has to go through the filter before it is allowed into the water butt via the rainwater diverter which is built into the unit below the filter.

    The filter basket collects the debris coming down the downpipe, in most cases the standard filter basket is more than adequate to filter out the debris.

    Guttermate rain water diverter body mesh

    However where you are saving the rainwater for flushing toilets and use in washing machines, we supply a fine mesh insert, which fits into the filter basket, to filter out even finer debris.

    The mesh is a slide fit into the filter basket and is easy to remove when cleaning.

    The mesh is made from plastic and will not rot or corrode. The mesh can be removed for cleaning if required. As shown in the picture the mesh is cut to the filter basket profile, as a result of this when fitted the mesh takes the profile of the filter basket.

    If a customer would require finer filtration this can be supplied, providing the requirement is of a viable commercial quantity.

    The body of the filter with filter basket and fine mesh insert are compact and easily accessible.

    Guttermate rain water filter diverter

    The fine mesh insert can be removed with the filter basket or on its own. Removal of the filter basket from the body for cleaning can be achieved easily and the complete cleaning operation takes only 30 seconds.

    The Gutter Mate Rain Water filter and Diverter is light weight and compact.

    The Filter can be used in domestic installations and the smaller rain water harvesting systems.

    The filter is made from recyclable Polypropylene which is very tough and has been UV stabilised to prevent fading in strong sun light.

    The rainwater filter will have the same life as the downpipe.

    The Guttermate Rain Water filter Diverter can be inspected without having to open up the filter.

    No matter where the position of the downpipe is, in the top of the filter it can be visually inspected. If the filter basket is empty there is no further work to be done.

    High Quality

    Our water tanks are manfactured to our high standard of quality.

    UK Delivery

    Standard UK mainland delivery is 3-5 days. Next delivery available on selected products. Please call for details.


    International delivery is available. Please call for details.

    - Produced in the same colour as the drainpipe
    - Material is UV stabilised, so it will not discolour due to sunlight
    - All water is filtered
    - Has a filter basket to collect debris
    - Has built in water diverter, where only filtered water reaches the diverter
    - Filter allows visual inspection for debris, without the need for dismantling
    - Easy to clean, only 30 seconds needed.

    - Saves water, consequently reduces your water bill
    - No need to go up the ladder
    - Protects your drains or soakaways
    - Saves money, don't have to pay some one to clean your gutters
    - Safety first, so 'Don't Go Up The Ladder'
    - Cleaning filter is only a 30 second job
    - Inspection of the filter is possible without dismantling
    - Eliminates the need for the 'Balloon/Bell' type strainers in the top of the drainpipe: the major cause of blocked gutters
    - Helps protect roof joists from damp
    - Helps protect walls from damp