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  • Rainwater Harvesting - 30/50 M Pumping Unit

    Rainwater Harvesting - 30/50 M Pumping Unit


    Rainwater Harvesting - 30/50 M Pumping Unit Ref: 503150100
    The ACTIVE SWITCH unit is used for the management and distribution of rain water.
    The unit detects the lack of water in both rain water mains collected systems and it to guarantee that the system operates correctly (or rather, it never lets the identified users run out of water). The system is generally limited to IRRIGATION, WASHING MACHINE, WC FLUSHING . The main objective of the ACTIVE SWITCH system is to give priority to the use of rain water over that of the mains water. When the rain water contained in the collection tank is insufficient, the control unit passes to the mains water supply thereby ensuring a flow of water at the extraction point.

    Active Switch is a complete and pre-assembled system for using rainwater in one or two-family houses. The system comprises a recyclabe polyethilene tank, an automatic pump Active EI 30/50 M serie and a three-way automatic valve assembled on suction port of the pump. The system has been designed to be wall-mounted. Supplied with wall bracket and float swich, with 20 mt. of cable, as a standard

    • Working ambient temperature: min +5°C - max +40°C

    • Max. Flow: 80 l/min

    • Max. Head: 42,2 m

    • Liquid temperature range: from +5°C up +35°C

    • Max. Working pressure of the system: 6 bar (600kPA)

    • Max. Pressure of main supply line: 4 bar (400kPA)

    • Max. Height of working uses: 15 meters

    • Potable water connector: 3/4”

    • pump suction and delivery ports: 1”

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    Ref: 503150100 - Rainwater Harvesting - 30/50 M Pumping Unit

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