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Potable Water Tanks

Potable Water TanksDrinking (or potable) water must be stored in a potable water tank. The difference between a potable water tank and a normal water tank is what the tank is made from. A potable water tank must be made from WRAS approved polymers, these are polymers that have been tested to hold liquids and foods fit for human consumption. The polymers will not leak colour or chemical into the water.

A potable water tank should also be fitted with a ByLaw kit. This is a set of parts that allow the water inside to breath, preventing it from becoming stagnat.

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We have a wide range of potable water tanks ideal small tanks which are ideal for installing in your loft and larger tanks which are commonly found on commercial and industrial sites.

Rectangular water tanks are a great space saving option in tight spaces. These have been strengthened by baffles that are moulded through the tank. These baffles are also what make it safe to transport water in the back of vans and trucks.

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