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  • Calsoft M Metered Water Softener

    Calsoft NE Non Electric Water Softener


    Calsoft NE Non Electric Water Softener Ref: calsoftM

    Height: 485mm
    Width: 250mm
    Depth:(includes connections) 440mm
    Colour: Blue
    Material: Polypropylene
    Inlet (hard) connection height: 3/4 bsp male parallel
    Outlet (soft) connection height: 3/4 bsp male parallel
    Drain: 1 hose connector
    Over flow height
    Inlet & outlet connections: 3/4 BSP
    Salt type: Block or tablet
    Salt storage capacity: 12kg
    Timer: 24hr remote socket mounted
    Maximum working pressure: 8 Bar (112 PSI)
    Minimum working pressure: 1 Bar (14 PSI) with water flowing
    Maximum flow rate: 50 lpm
    Maximum temperature: 20c
    Minimum temperature: Protect from freezing
    Electrical supply:
    240 V 50hz
    13 amp 3 pin plug
    Salt used per regeneration: adjustable to 450, 750 or 1000g
    Water used per regeneration: 30 litres approx
    Flow rate to drain: 1 litre per min approx
    Regeneration time: 30 minutes
    Resin volume: 8.9 litres

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    Ref: calsoftM - Calsoft NE Non Electric Water Softener