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    2100.00 ex VAT

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    Underground Water Tank Accessories
    Underground Filter + 92.49 Read more on the filter Box

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    Our water tanks are manfactured to our high standard of quality.

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    Made from industrial strength MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene) the 7000 litres is a long lasting durable Water Tank. Quality made industrial water tank, ideal for collecting rainwater. Comes fitted with lifting eyes for easy moving.

    This underground water tank comes ready moulded with six potential 4" (110mm) inlets/outlets. These have been premoulded at suitable positions for both inlet and outlet pipework.

    Tank notes

    • Please ensure that the Installation Guidelines have been read and understood before commencing installation
    • Only lift when empty
    • This tank must be fully encased in concrete
    • Designed to take pedestrian traffic only; if required to carry vehicular traffic, a structural engineer's design is required
    • Top of the tank must not finish any more than 500mm below ground level
    • Without a structural engineer's design, tank must not be located adjacent to foundations, raised banks, patios or walls
    • Pipe-falls should be a minimum of 2:100 in the direction of water-flow, i.e. rainwater pipe and service duct towards the tank and the overflow away from the tank

    7000 Litre Water Tank Dimensions
    Dimensions H:2200mm x D:2150mm
    Outlet 4"
    Lid 16"
    Weight 240 kg
    Capacity 7000 litres

    Download Underground Water Tank Installation Guidelines