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  • Water Tank 500 Litre V1 Sale


    Water Tank Features

  • 1" BSP Outlet
  • 8" Screw Down Lid
  • Industrial Strength MDPE
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • No Maintenance

  • 360° View of the 500 Litre Water Tank
    See how to connect a tap kit

    Made in the UK

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    Water Tank 500 Litre V1 - Sale RG

    Ref: ECO500V1-RG

    Best Buy Water Tank

    Suitable for Garden Use
    Suitable for Commercial Use
    No Maintenance Required
    UK Made Water Tanks

    Water tank features

    • Comes pre moulded with a 1" BSP brass outlet with is perfect for attaching a brass tap
    • This slimline water tank has a width of only 460mm is a great space saver when you haven't got much room to spare.
    • Inlcuded is 8" vented ideal for installing a submersible pump
    • Durable plastic made 5-6mm thick to ensure a quality product
    • Smooth finish and rounded edges

    direct from the manufacturer

    About the 500 Litre Water Tank

    To create a tougher tank we added baffles to sides of the tank which is what gives it its impact resistance. Made from a seamless one piece using Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE). Using this plastic creates a strong durable plastic that is weather resistant.

    500 Litre Water Tank Dimensions
    500 Litres
    1" BSP
    8" Screw down Lid

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    Product Description

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    inc. VAT

    Ref: ECO500V1-RG - Water Tank 500 Litre V1 - Sale RG

    Water  Tank Tap Kit500 Litre Tap Kit - 15.00
    4.5 Litre Metal Traditional Can - Green - 39.99
    Water  Filter Black Downpipe Connector - 5.99
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